Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well, "The Decision" has been made, and most of the world, it seems, has weighed in on it. Funny how hung-up we’ve been waiting for one guy to decide where he’s going to play ball. You would think this was one of the most significant decisions of all time. The thing is, hundreds of thousands of people yesterday, many whom you and I know, made decisions yesterday that determined their whole life direction and eternal destinies. No one was watching, praying for them, or maybe even caring.

Here’s the real deal, though. The decisions you and I make about our daily lives are far more significant in the long run that anything LeBron could ever do. Truth is, we only make 4-5 major decisions in our lives, and then we spend the rest of our lives managing those decisions. That’s what LeBron has in front of him - a far more challenging and far-reaching deal than I imagine the 25 year old has even considered. He will be managing the ramifications of his decision the rest of his life, for good or evil. You and I will be doing that, too, with the decisions we make today. Let’s not get caught up in what LeBron is deciding while we make our decisions casually. The future matters now.