Thursday, December 1, 2011


Jesus walked through this world with His eyes wide open. That's why he was able to see the needs that others brushed by without notice. He was fully alert and engaged with his surroundings, quick to pick up on how he could make a difference.

I love it when followers of Jesus become like him and walk slowly enough through their worlds, to see what he sees, hear what he hears, and respond as he would respond. The reason so many don't is that last little phrase. When I see and hear what Jesus sees and hears, it changes my responsibility. Now I have a very serious responsibility--acting on Christ's behalf. It is easier to be like the famous monkey trio--see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil. Then, I can claim ignorance and avoid responsibility for being a change agent.

But great significance comes when I live with eyes wide open. Scott and Tina Heiberg, members of Cornerstone Church where I pastor, did just that. They are a young married couple who went to Fiji on their honeymoon. While there, they strayed away from the resort, and to their amazement, found a village of very poor people in need of clean, fresh water. They came home with an urgency to act. They started raising money for a water project in Fiji, and made many personal sacrifices to be there and assist as the well is drilled. That's such a Jesus thing..I am thrilled. Pray for them. They leave Friday, December 2 to get their hands dirty and hearts full as they do the "grunt work" for the least of these in Fiji.