Sunday, August 3, 2014

Golf is Dying?

Golf is dying. So say the pundits. You surely wouldn't know it around here. Our church is situated on one side of the Firestone Country Club where the world famous Bridgestone Invitational is played every year. Our amazing Cornerstone volunteers serve there every year to be a positive witness, and to raise funds for community service and outreach. Our home is situated on the backside of the West course, and our boys used to go over on Pro-Am days and get autographs from most of the greats. Zachary actually had a couple minute conversation with former President George H.W. Bush there. And we at the Young compound all are very tuned in to what's happening on the golf front year round.

But back to my point. I don't actually believe golf will die out, even in the face of evidence like the Dick's Sporting Goods chain dismissing all of their in-store golf experts. The ones who are predicting the demise of golf, citing lack of interest and general malaise in the fans, say that Tiger Woods' decline from former dominance and no one rising with the same brilliance to replace him is a main reason it will die.(As I write this, Tiger has withdrawn from the tournament with a back injury.)

While I believe golf will still be around and attracting a significant fan base regardless of whether Tiger or another young lion dominates, I do believe this---every group/organization/family needs a hero to thrive. Simply put, every relationship needs a hero if its going to survive and succeed.  What's that look like in a family?

A family hero steps up and becomes the bigger person to close the gap when the family is divided. Someone has to make the first move, the first compromise, to heal the relationship.  Want to be a hero? Swallow your pride and be that person. Think about what the future holds if you do not mend this.

When the family is struggling,  it needs somebody to step up and take it to another level. Someone who is willing to make the sacrifices, go the extra miles, and say, "I am going to rise above the fray, and I'm going to lead us out of this maze."

I could make a long list of examples, but I'll simply say this:  if your marriage, your family,  is going to survive and thrive, someone needs to get up earlier than they want to, stay up later than they prefer, work harder than they planned, deny themselves things they could rightfully demand, do things no one else wants to do...need I say more? You get the idea.

But there's more. It's better than simple sacrifice. It's an opportunity to save your family, to save your world. That's what heroes do. And the rewards are more than you imagine.

I don't expect golf to die without Tiger. But your family might die
without you. It needs a hero. Why don't you step up and be one?