Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Power of Partnership

Today I learned and grew through a conversation with Steve Fitch, founder and director of The Eden Projects. Steve has been a long time colleague, and our hearts beat the same for the world. His passion actually connects with my passion for water. Steve understands horticulture and ecology in a way I do not. He founded this non-profit agency to "Restore ecosystems. Provide jobs. Give hope."

We've been talking about how water projects have to have trees to attract and collect the rain, or the well/borehole/fountain will dry up. Today we officially decided to partner our two organizations to make long-term help a reality for desperately needy locations.

The multiplication of issues and opportunity associated with deforestation and reforestation are huge. Clear Blue brings solution to the immediate and mid-term needs of impoverished regions of the world. But,  we also must address the long term need through creation stewardship, (the goal and work of The Eden Projects) or the water tables will continue to fall. God's natural systems are the longer term solution.

What Clear Blue brings to the equation is huge. Irrigation systems for seedling nursery production, and irrigation potential for agro, agroforesty, and true reforestation.

Check out Eden. It's another way to exercise the power of partnership and bring water to the world.